Inaugural Post

Greetings from Fitchburg! 2010-11 marks my first year as an assistant professor here at Fitchburg State, and it’s been an exhilarating one filled with meeting colleagues and students as well as adjusting to a new home. Now that I am settled, it’s time once again to explore and, as is the nature of our professions, take on another project. And so MassMedieval is born!

John has already expressed his hopes and aspirations for this blog, articulating many of my own. I will add that, from my own perspective, I am looking forward to sharing experiences, ideas, and thoughts through this site, and, in the process, I hope to get to know other colleagues around Massachusetts (and elsewhere). Being new to the area, I am eager to meet others with like interests (or tangential or perpendicular ones – the more variety the merrier). It would be exciting to see MassMedieval develop into a community wherein we can discuss our passions for, and perhaps sometimes the frustrations with, medieval literature, history, and culture.

Over the years, I have found there is no better way to work through a project or design ideas for courses than discussing them, throwing them out there for a fresh set of eyes. Sometimes all it takes is writing them down, seeing them on the laptop screen. So this blog serves a selfish purpose for me in that I hope it will aid in improving both my research and my teaching. Of course I am more than willing to return the favor for others as well, so bring on the brainstorming (and the rants)!

I anticipate having a lot of fun with MassMedieval, and I also foresee that it will evolve over time as John and I think of ways to improve it. In the meantime, I am excited to launch the blog and ponder the possibilities for its future.


— Kisha Tracy

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