ICMS 2014 Roundtable: “Medievalists and the Social Media Pilgrimage”

MassMedieval is once again hosting a roundtable at KZoo 2014. We have a great group of panelists already, though we still have a couple of spaces open if you are interested in joining us! If so, send an email to Kisha at ktracy3@fitchburgstate.edu by September 15th.

Roundtable: “Medievalists and the Social Media Pilgrimage: The Digital Life of 21st Century Medieval Studies #Digimedievalist”

In the last few years, the online presence of medievalists has increased. Blogs, Twitter, and other related types of social media have become a way for academics in the field to communicate on an international scale. This roundtable seeks to further discussions started by MassMedieval at the 2013 Congress and bring together individuals who are interested in discussing how to use social media as well as how medievalists can think about their digital lives. It will address questions such as: how can medievalists get started in social media? How can social media be used to bring medievalists together? How do we manage our online profiles? What are the potential negatives and how might they be overcome? As a means of demonstrating how social media works, we will also use the hashtag in the title (#Digimedievalist) to Tweet throughout the session and encourage members of the audience to do so as well – a real time application of the discussion.

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