Call for Higher Ed Teaching Experiences

Call for Higher Education Teaching Experiences/Activities/Assignments

Currently, I am writing a book (already under contract) about methods in higher education courses of all disciplines, particularly but not exclusively in general education courses, to encourage student investment in learning. To help with aspects of this work, I am in search of anecdotes, experiences, activities, assignments, etc., that relate to the following:

  • Activities emphasizing why students are taking class
  • Students producing knowledge
  • Game-based pedagogy
  • Skills that transfer
  • Short and long-term group work​
  • Service and experiential learning
  • Learning from teaching others
  • Authentic assignments
  • Reflection (meta-cognition)
If you have any related experiences and would be interested in being included in this work, please email Kisha Tracy at A few sentences, a paragraph, or an attachment is all that is necessary. In particular, please address how you think it affects student investment in learning. If it is applicable, then I will contact you for permission to include you and perhaps ask for more details. My sincere appreciation in advance for your help! Please do send this to anyone you feel would be willing to participate.


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